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For My Friend Who Asked

11.14.16 | by Mary | Poetry

There is a Reason-
to keep walking
every day.

You might see a sunrise,
red gold glory
blooming into day.

You might hear
trilling birdsong
praising a new day.

You could sit
in yellow bright sunshine,
its warmth sinking
into your bones.

You might hear
the sharp crack
of bat meeting ball
which screams over
the green grass field –
over heads, outstretched hands,
finding freedom
over the fence.

You might enjoy
a wonderful meal
with friends,
smiling, talking, laughing,
laughing, laughing.

You could walk
a soft sand beach
hearing gulls scream in tongues
given only to them,
see their hieroglyphic
footprints leading
every which way
till they end when
they lift to the sky.

You might find
a bright shining penny
on a walk, pick it up,
and feel lucky all day.

You might exchange
a sudden smile
with a stranger
and wish each other
a good day.

You might learn
that many people
will walk with you
and find Peace
along the way.

-Mary Ericksen, 2014

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