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Powerful Ways of Getting Rid of Chronic Stress

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your health.

It has become so common that it is actually something of an epidemic. The more caught up we get in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, the more susceptible we are to the effects of stress. And those effects can be devastating, leading to dangerous hormonal imbalances; improper nutrition and even weakened immune response that can leave your whole body open to a host of illnesses.

So what can you do to help alleviate the chronic stress that is taking over your life? You can begin by making sure you eat right and get plenty of exercise. It’s the old standard for losing weight and improving health but this combination is important for a reason. Your body is essentially an engine and it needs both proper fuel and regular use in order to stay in top shape. Getting all of the necessary nutrients goes a long way toward improving your health as does working out on a regular basis. In fact, using a rowing machine or other types of gym equipment regularly can make a huge difference when it comes to battling stress.

Eating right, which means a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients and without harmful sugars and fats, can help to keep your body stocked with all of the building blocks it needs to maintain good health. You’ll feel the difference as your mind and body are balanced and your stress levels begin to decrease. An added bonus is the ability to combat weight gain, which can be one of the most common and challenging side effects of chronic stress.

At the same time, getting your body moving through regular exercise can help to burn off excess energy and rid your body of stress chemicals. But this doesn’t necessarily mean an all-out power workout. Any amount of movement will get the job done, including a brisk walk, swimming a few laps or using a rowing machine.

Aside from these basic tips there are other steps you can take to help relieve chronic stress. Find ways to relax, whether it’s doing yoga, getting a massage or engaging in deep breathing exercises. All of these can help to clear the mind and bring you back into focus. Building your support network helps as well, as being with other people can help to get your mind off the things that are stressing you out. Sometimes the best stress buster is just talking out your problems with a sympathetic listener.

Of course one of the most important factors in overcoming chronic stress is also one of the most overlooked, getting the proper amount of sleep. Again, your body is an engine and it needs time to recharge its batteries to function optimally. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you could be leaving yourself wide open to the damaging effects of stress. Giving yourself time to unwind at the end of the day, unplugging from all electronics and using aromatherapy are all good ways to improve sleep.

Chronic stress is nothing to be taken lightly as it can slowly wear away your body’s natural defenses and open you up to a host of medical problems. The good news is that you can control your response to stress and take steps like the ones described here to help you fight back against chronic stress and get back to living a healthier life.

Author Bio: Scott Murphy loves to write on various topics such as health, fitness, exercise etc. He is a regular contributor to, a site offering reviews, workouts, industry news and education about the benefits of rowing and regular exercise.


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