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Manage Anxiety with Physical Activity

5 Activities That Compliment Your Anxiety Healing Process

Scientists say that every human being at one time or the other must experience anxiety. Additionally, they say that both stress and anxiety play an instrumental role in day-to-day living. Ironically, however, people are becoming more anxious about having anxiety.  

This worry often leads to unusually high levels of stress, which requires professional help. Anxiety, according to psychologists, is your body’s internal alarm perfected by years of evolution.

It warns you when there is a situation that requires your attention. You should, therefore, learn how to respond and to make the best use of it. If however, you are routinely over-anxious for disproportionate reasons, then you need anxiety disorder therapy or medication.

High levels of anxiety could cause depression or cardiovascular disease. You can also explore complementary treatment such as physical exercise, proven to lower anxiety levels naturally.

Physical benefits of exercise for anxiety 

Physical activity complements professional anxiety treatment perfectly. It can help bring back emotional balance and cut down on stress because it is a natural anxiety reliever. Research data shows that by exercising for as few as 30 minutes every other day of the week, you can begin to enjoy reduced levels of anxiety. 

This, therefore, means that while exercise can give you your dream physique, and keep your lifestyle disease-free, it can also contribute to your emotional well being. What is even better is that research shows that physical exercise not only improves mood instantly but also acts as a buffer against future emotional events

So if you want to take up exercise as a means of building your endurance against anxiety, below are some of the best physical exercises to get involved in.

Exercise #1: Swimming

Most people equate physical exercise with gym workouts. Swimming often comes as an afterthought.

If you, however, ask any Mythical Swimmer, they will tell you that swimming is incomparable to none when it comes to exercising. Why? It is a fantastic core workout, and it improves flexibility the same as yoga or pilates. 

Besides its many health benefits, there is also something very soothing about water.  Swimming, consequently, is also very therapeutic, especially for the stressed and anxious person. The water helps in loosening the mind and body as you practice your swimming strokes. 

The rhythm of your movements in water can be meditative and relaxing on the mind.  Data also shows that the brain of a person immersed in water receives more nutrients and oxygen from a boosted blood supply. 

This significantly contributes to a healthier mind. Do not, therefore, overlook the critical importance of a good afternoon swim.

Exercise #2: Walking 

Life has become so busy that you probably have very little time to walk. 

Walking, however, as silly as it may sound, is a very beneficial form of physical exercise, especially for anyone dealing with an anxiety disorder.  First, while gym exercise can be very intimidating, walking is easy to do. 

Just wear your Nikes and walk out of your front door. An energy burn, caused by bodily movement when walking, can improve emotional well being. If you do not move your body,  the pent up energy within will aggravate your anxiety. 

Anxiety can be exacerbated by ill body health or sensations caused by extended immobility. Walking also improves breathing which will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in your body. 

The increased levels of oxygen from rapid inhaling will bring about a better balance in your body and with time, your body will resist hyperventilation by re-learning natural breathing. 

Most people also love to walk because they get to encounter beautiful people or scenery. The sensory distraction will cut down on thoughts that increase anxiety levels.

Exercise #3: Biking

Just like swimming, some people love bicycling for the shot of good feel endorphins while some do it as a hobby. It can bring you a lot of happiness to just get out there on your bike and encounter the wild.

Scientists say that the best compliment for anxiety treatment is an enjoyable exercise. You will find it easier to build resilience, doing something that you love. 

Biking is therefore not just good for your heart; it is good for the brain too. Psychologist Linda Wasmer Andrews says that this form of exercise not only helps to build better brain connectivity but enhances memory and reasoning as well. Andrews further states that cycling on a simple stationary bike can drastically reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, a benefit of the exercise that is enhanced by the outdoors.

Exercise #4: Yoga

Yoga and the practice of meditation have quickly become mainstream, and more people are turning to them for their health benefits. Yoga can be gentle or challenging, depending on your preference and ability. 

The most commonly practiced yoga, nonetheless, has asanas, that combine controlled breathing, relaxation, and physical poses which reduce anxiety. 

By practicing yoga, your body will have reduced blood pressure and reduced heart rate. This helps in enhancing positive stress responses.

Exercise #5: Dancing 

You can alternatively turn on some music and dance. It really does not matter what kind of dance you are good at. You can do ballroom dancing, ballet, break or belly dance your way out of anxiety. 

Dancing is not just good aerobic exercise, but it is also a fantastic form of natural expression, which can help bring a release of pent up feelings. It is likewise a form of creativity, which can help you achieve a mental state of peace.  Therefore, a combination of breathing and expressive movement through dance is just what the doctor might order to get you back to a healthy emotional state.

Studies show that people who live sedentary lives, devoid of physical exercise are more prone to unhealthy levels of anxiety. Getting up and diving into your nearest pool, or lacing up those sneakers are the best nonmedical compliments to anxiety treatment and prevention.

Author Bio

Nikos Vasilellis is the Founder of Nereids Aquatic Coaching and has a passion and love for aquatic activities which is combined with his care for helping others. Nereids Aquatic Coaching company helps children and adults to overcome their fear of water by focusing on their individual strengths and helping them enjoy safely the aquatic environment.

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