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James Ritter is a digital consultant with a particular interest in welfare in the music industry and has advocated for content about the well-being of artists. He majored in creative writing at university and is always eager to expand his knowledge around different subjects.

Michael Burrows lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with his wife, Becky, and super fluffy Samoyed, Momo. Becky has worked through and out the other side of her own anxiety and together they run Anxiety Specialists (Momo helps too). Since 2020 they provide online treatment through their Anti-Anxiety Academy to passionately help others reduce and overcome their anxiety using their effective step-by-step Domino Process.

Hilary Tudor is a certified yoga teacher who specializes in one-on-one yoga mentorship. Whether in person or online, she explores all aspects of yoga with her clients including movement and yoga philosophy. Currently training to be certified in Yoga Therapy, she has already started to impart her knowledge with clients taking a whole-body, whole-mind approach. You can connect with her through email at [email protected] and through social media @themindfullifellc on Instagram.

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