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Two-Faced, A Poem

03.09.22 | by Kaylee Koslowske | Poetry

Kaylee Koslowske shares her poem “Two-Faced” with the ARC. Kaylee is a professional Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner and teacher. She leads wellness workshops for communities and businesses where she uses the techniques of bodywork, tapping, and writing. 

Kaylee is writing a book and creating music as a way to express her perspectives and encourage others. She said writing helps her sort out thoughts and feelings and poetry allows those to be put into an organized context.


I was born to be seen

taught to be shy

I’ve been torn at the seams

tip-toeing the line

The voice of a lion

the footprint of a ghost

which is the me

that I carry the most?

Honest and grounded

timid in fear

however you see me is how I appear

sounds like an echo

moves like a mirror

however you need me is how I appear

She is also pursuing a doctorate of natural medicine degree. Learn more about Kaylee’s work at

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