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What’s It Like?

Understanding Life with OCD PART II However, it wasn’t a miracle at all – it was the result of a very simple intervention called exposure therapy … People have been practicing this concept for millions of years; animals – for hundreds of millions.  It’s a natural...

What’s It Like?

Read along in this special two-part series by Retired MSW Alan Carriero as he shares a glimpse into his life with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His story shares the depth of pain an individual can experience when they are plagued with this disorder and the great hope that comes when they apply the principles of Exposure and Responsive Prevention.

Shy Bladder? You Aren’t Alone.

“Going to” public places can be very difficult for those of us that have social anxiety but “going” in public places can be very difficult for those of us that have a specific kind of social anxiety called Paruresis (par-yoo-ree-sis). Do you or someone you know of experience this? Alan Carriero LMSW, of OCD Grand Rapids, shares successful treatment options for this Shy Bladder Syndrome.

Getting Over a Phobia

Green football phobia? Perhaps an unusual phobia, but treated like all phobias using desensitization. Alan Carriero, MSW, of OCD Grand Rapids, explains the steps in helping one face their fear regardless of what it is.

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