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Katie Rhodes lives in the Grand Rapids area with her three kids and three cats. She recently graduated from the Masters in Counseling program at Spring Arbor University, and she is completing her final steps to become a licensed counselor. Katie attended meetings at the Anxiety Resource Center when she was on her journey toward recovery from anxiety and OCD. Katie’s personal experiences with anxiety and OCD have inspired her to help others on their paths toward wellness. She plans to specialize in counseling individuals experiencing OCD, anxiety, or challenging life transitions.

Articles by Katie Rhodes

Eating for Mental Wellness

When our brains and bodies have been taxed by stress and anxiety, it is especially important for us to make sure that we are getting the nutrients that our bodies need. The bloodstream delivers nutrients and oxygen to the brain every minute of every day.[i] The brain,...

Mindful Awareness for Anxiety and OCD

Katie Rhodes, LPC intern, is a graduate student working towards becoming an anxiety and OCD counselor. Having experienced severe and debilitating anxiety and OCD, she recognizes how agonizing and overwhelming the symptoms of anxiety and OCD can be. In addition to attending ARC support groups, as part of her recovery, she has also learned how mindful awareness can be a valuable tool.

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