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Bidding Habits Goodbye

Simple Tips for a Better Life

Do you feel like you’re bumping up against one obstacle after another lately? Maybe it seems like every time you try to take a step forward in life, you end up stumbling two steps back. Perhaps you’re struggling with anxiety, and you’re not sure how to alleviate your symptoms.

Sometimes, changing a few habits that are holding you back is the key to starting a new chapter in your life. If you’re ready for a fresh start, it’s time to assess your habits and let go of these behaviors that might be preventing you from living life to the fullest.

Neglecting Your Own Needs

Does it ever feel like you spend time caring for everyone but yourself? When you’re trying to be a good friend, help out your family, give your coworkers a hand, or volunteer in your community, it can be tough to put your own needs first. But if you’re always pushing your own needs to the sidelines to help other people, you’ll find yourself feeling exhausted, frustrated, and run down.

Simply put, you need time and space for yourself, too. To achieve a better sense of balance in your life, you’ll have to practice saying “No.” You can also get comfortable with delegating tasks, especially at work, and prioritizing what’s most important. Using a planner and a time-tracker tool can help you better manage work projects, and apply the principles of delegation to your personal life.

Letting Yourself Burn Out

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to avoid the trap of burnout. You might feel like you need to work long hours and take on side hustles to keep up with your professional peers. Practicing self-care is the antidote to burnout. If you need a few soothing self-care ideas, Greatist recommends spending more time outdoors, reading your favorite book, watching funny movies or TV shows, or even splurging on a massage.

Working at a Frustrating Job

Maybe you’ve realized that your high-stress levels are connected to your job. Figuring out how to find a better position can be challenging, especially if it’s been a long time since you were on the job market. InHerSight recommends identifying what you’re looking for in a job, like better pay, more flexible hours, or a more supportive company culture. Then, it’s time to polish up your resume and start job hunting!

Eating a Poor Diet

If you’re struggling in your personal life, it can be hard not to seek comfort with food. But indulging in sweet treats too often can make you feel worse. Instead, try finding healthy foods that you enjoy and meal prep on the weekends so that you can simply heat nutritious meals on weeknights.

Comparing Yourself to Other People

Do you often find yourself thinking about what life would be like in someone else’s shoes? When you’re feeling unsatisfied with your circumstances, it’s tough to avoid comparing yourself to others. When you catch your thoughts drifting towards these comparisons, take a moment to refocus yourself on whatever you’re doing in the present. Mindfulness can help you stay centered.

Staying Up Too Late

Are you having trouble sleeping? Anxiety can keep you up at night — but at the same time, a lack of sleep can make you feel more anxious, which fuels this vicious cycle. To get a good night’s sleep, try establishing a consistent bedtime routine. At first, it might not seem like the routine is making much of a difference, but after a week or so, this routine will give your brain the cue that it’s time to wind down.

Holding on to Unhealthy Relationships

It’s not easy to let go of relationships that you’ve held on to for years. But sometimes, this is necessary for your healing. Evaluate the friends and relatives who are currently in your life, and consider whether or not they are supporting you or adding to your stress. If it’s the latter, it may be time to say goodbye. 

Spending Hours on Social Media

When you’re feeling down, you might turn to social media for a distraction. However, this can leave you with less time for your hobbies and other productive activities. Instead, try putting your phone away for a few hours each day and focusing on another hobby — this can help clear your head.

It can be difficult to change your habits and stay consistent with your new lifestyle choices. It is especially true if you have lots of people depending on you. But with time, you can learn to make choices that support your mental and physical well-being in your daily life. By making a conscious effort to quit these habits, you’ll cultivate a sense of peace in your personal life.

Dorothy Watson grew up with a single mother who suffered from bipolar disorder. Her mom wasn't properly diagnosed until Dorothy was about 12-years-old, so she saw her mom struggle for a long time. Since she has seen how hard life can be for people whose mental health hasn't been properly addressed, she is an advocate for mental wellness.
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